Flower Bed & Breakfast

Flower Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast in Campobasso in the city center

1000 Mega Fiber Optic Free Wi-Fi Internet
Free Abundant And Delicious Breakfast
Gluten Free Breakfast Authorized Aic Free
Tribute For Each Guest
Extra Choice On Free Breakfast
Free Shuttle Service

The Flower Bed & Breakfast offers its guests a pleasant and welcoming environment, ideal for both leisure and business trips.

The Flower Bed & Breakfast is on the fourth floor of a modern building, the staircase has low steps, for guests, we offer accommodation in a double bedroom, furnished with the taste and colors of the past mixed with today's colors.

The en suite bathroom, and the shower located in the bedroom, make the environment unique and special.

The single bedroom does not have an internal bathroom, so we use it a lot as an extra bed.

The breakfast room is large and has access to a balcony where you can admire part of the city and part of the landscape that surrounds Campobasso. Smoking is not allowed on the premises.

We are sorry but we cannot accommodate animals because there is no space to guarantee freedom of movement and needs for these nice creatures who often accompany people on trips.

Free Wifi
Free Wifi
Hair dryer
Hair dryer
The design of the property
The design of the property
Near cycle paths
Near cycle paths
Romantic Atmosphere
Romantic Atmosphere

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Various information

  • Parking
  • English speaker

Electric system

  • Emergency lights or fire exit directions

Services of the house

  • Terrace

Facilities and services

  • Laundry

Location and surroundings

  • City centre
  • Panoramic view
  • Near (within 10 mins) pubblic transports
  • Near (within 45 mins) train station / airport / port

Bathroom facilities

  • Monodose products

Room facilities

  • TV
  • Mirror or luggage case


  • Guides / maps / books available
  • Local events calendar
  • Discounts in local shops and restaurants for the guests
  • Presents
  • Shuttle service

Holiday themes - house features

  • Fine design
  • Family
  • Business
  • Romantic atmosphere

Our breakfast

For the Flower Bed & Breakfast breakfast is an important moment of the day.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. The first intake of food is very important because the body is from about eight hours of fasting and need rapid utilization of energy to face a new day. It is therefore important that it is balanced and that delivers the right amount of calories. The typical Italian breakfast at home or in bars or in pastry, is essentially made up of sweet foods (biscuits, croissants, bread with chocolate or jam, yogurt, breakfast cereals, pastries), together with coffee and / or milk, cappuccino or tea.

Vitamins, calcium and the milk proteins that ingest the morning, finally, help to maintain general well-being and, in particular, to retain a facial skin supple and toned.

We in the Flower Bed & Breakfast for breakfast we decided to offer guests the main foods that will meet our caloric needs.

• The milk is a complete food and very important. It is rich in calcium, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins that contain the entire 3, 4 percent fat, semi-skimmed milk 1, 8 per cent, and only skimmed the 0, 3 percent. It is so good to know that the renunciation of the whole milk, the more good results in a saving of calories very modest.

• Yogurt, like any dairy product, it is equally useful. In yogurt, moreover, is very high the amount of calcium, of good quality protein and vitamins B2 and A.

• The orange juice is also an excellent food, a glass of juice at breakfast meet the nutritional daily requirement of vitamin C, which the body is equivalent to 60 mg.

• Baked goods - that is, the various types of cookies, cakes and biscuits - are preferable to sweet pastries, because they are prepared with simple foods, such as eggs, milk and vegetable fat, and are rich in carbohydrates, such as sugars and grains, which give a large input of energy immediately usable.

• Among cereals, more and more popular in our country, there are corn, oats, rice and wheat fiber, with a variety of very rich offer, on the market. Consumed with milk, allow for a quick breakfast and filling at the same time, with an optimum intake of carbohydrates and fiber. Less interesting products with added sugar and chocolate.

• The butter is a food that should be consumed in moderation, because it has a high content of fat, more animal: about 80 percent.

• The jam has a large energy input, which derives from the presence of many sugars (55 percent on average) and a small amount of mineral salts. But we must distinguish between jam and marmalade: the first, by law, must be made with at least 35 percent of the pulp of one or more fruits. The jams, however, may have a smaller amount of pulp: at least 25 percent.

Our rooms

Free cancellation within 2 days before check-in

No prepayment needed - pay at the check in


Maximum Guests: 3
Breakfast included
Ensuite bathroom

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You will be hosted by Endah

Flower Bed & Breakfast
by Mawarni Endah.

Born in Indonesia in Surakarta Solo. Degree in Design Visual Communication.

Lecturer at the Bachelor of Architecture Faculty of the Gunadarma University of Jakarta in Indonesia.

In love with Italy, its people and her traditions.

The Stay in the Bed & Breakfast:
An experience that escapes the prepackaged package, clichés and standardization to become something highly personal and individual.

It is the human factor, in fact, that distinguishes the overnight stay in a Bed & Breakfast, which allows tourists to perceive the typical aspects of family hospitality: simplicity, the genuineness of the offer, a family context that makes you savor the dimension " home".

The formula also makes knowledge of the place more direct and immediate. The tourist has the opportunity to get to know the territory in which the structure is located from the point of view of the owner / resident, making him meet and appreciate a territory and the lifestyles of those who live there. And again, making the tourist grasp an essence that by its nature is imperceptible, but which manages to manifest itself in this relationship with the family. It is from this relationship that the tourist becomes aware of alternatives to the usual offer of a locality, often unknown to the most unknown as they are "non-tourist", but more authentic. The Bed & Breakfast therefore consists of a welcome formula addressed to all those who wish to combine their stay with the possibility of getting in touch with local culture and habits and which, therefore, can represent a tool for considerable human and cultural enrichment. and thus offer the opportunity for inclusion in otherwise inaccessible contexts. This type of accommodation can create the ideal interface between the tourist and the territory, not only to enter the locality, but also to take advantage of all the advantages that the area offers, from concerts to museums, from works of art to more suggestive views, with the added value, compared to other accommodation establishments, of the suggestions of those who live there. Since currently many tourists are pushed to try new places and to discover alternative forms of tourism, the B&B seems to be the occasion to live this experience.

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Area City Center

The Flower Bed & Breakfast is situated in the most convenient and strategic Campobasso, both for those interested in visiting the city and for those who are on a business trip.

Located a short walk from the station FF. SS. Central, close to the bus terminal to the Junction Road connecting Campobasso to the most important roads, to 'University of Molise, etc., this cozy B&B in Campobasso is also well connected to all the most interesting places of the city. A few meters from the Bed & Breakfast Flower there are three bar, two Pizzerias, Tobacco, Banking and many other commercial useful to those who are traveling for leisure or business stay. All pedestrians, cars with guests, guests who use public transport, they can easily get to our Bed & Breakfast.

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Certificato eccellenza 9.7 su 10 Flower Bed & Breakfast Certificato di eccellenza 2023

Anti Covid-19 procedures, obligations and recommendations


This property guarantees cleaning and disinfection of rooms and common areas to national guideline standards


You must keep a distance of at least one metre from staff and other guests in all common areas

You must wear a mask in all common areas

Used disposable masks and gloves must be thrown away in the containers provided after use

If you suspect you have Covid-19 related symptoms, do not leave your room, and notify the Manager immediately

The Manager is authorised to check body temperatures, and can withhold access in the event of a temperature reading greater than 37.5°C

If you have a fever or flu-like symptoms, notify the Staff immediately

You must wash or disinfect your hands before entering the breakfast room

You must wash or disinfect your hands before entering the common areas

Avoid congregating in the common areas


Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or disinfect them with alcohol-based gel

Open the windows to ventilate the room before leaving

Daily cleaning can only be carried out without guests in the room

Breakfast is limited to packaged products due to the Covid-19 emergency

We recommend the use of disposable gloves in the common areas

Please keep your room keys with you for the duration of your stay

Please don't stop or wait in the common areas

Cover your mouth and hands with a tissue while coughing or sneezing

Flower Bed & Breakfast

Via Novelli, 3 - Campobasso (CB) - Directions

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